Problems Connecting Laptop To Modem

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Mon Jun 18 15:24:00 UTC 2018

On 06/15/18 14:49, B J wrote:
> On 6/15/18, Gary Aitken <freebsd at> wrote:

>> You can't just add the default router line without a bit of knowledge
>> about what the IP address of the default router actually is.  Do you
>> know what the 192.168.0.* address for the router is?  I suggested
>> because that is often the default, but not necessarily so.
> I eventually found that was the value from one of my tower
> machines.  I tried other values for the last number as well and got
> the same result.
>>> That might be worth considering, but I don't have to do it with my
>>> other FreeBSD machines.
>> Can you post the result of "netstat -rn" from one of those other
>> machines?
> <snip>
> Routing tables
> Internet:
> Destination        Gateway            Flags     Netif Expire
> default          UGS        fxp0
>          link#2             UH          lo0
>     link#1             U          fxp0
>       link#1             UHS         lo0

This looks like the routing table for the machine which is not working,
with the default set to  If you run "netstat -rn"
from one of the machines which *is* working (as suggested above), it
should show a default route with the IP address of the actual router.
That is the IP address you need to use on the machine which is not working.


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