Toshiba disk low performance

Arthur Chance freebsd at
Thu Jun 7 20:20:36 UTC 2018

On 07/06/2018 17:54, Christos Chatzaras wrote:
> I test it with 3 different servers with Toshiba HDDs. The disks are new, only few hours in usage. I don't think they have any bad sectors.

Backblaze are my go-to source for disk performance. Looking at the
latest quarterly report
( although
they are trying out Toshiba's new 8TB drives, it's noticeable that they
only have 191 Toshiba drives deployed out of an entire fleet of 98,046
drives. This rather suggests they are not keen on Toshiba disks. You'd
need to look back through their quarterly reports to find out why though.

An amusing coincidence: log2(58) = 5.858 (to 0.0003% accuracy).

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