problem with upgrade and unable to build openjdk8 in poudriere

johannes-maria at johannes-maria at
Wed Jan 31 14:25:03 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 12:04:08AM +0000, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> >> I can't really give you much help with this: openjdk8 is building just
> >> fine for me on 11.1-RELEASE.  This is probably some small configuration
> >> mistake that will have you face-palming once you find it...
> >
> > did you built it in the ports or with poudriere?
> I'm building it with poudriere

thanks for the info. I've not yet found the cause; configuration
in ports and poudriere are both the default ones and whereas the
'make' in the ports runs without an error with poudriere it stops
reproducible with
| =>> Failed ports: java/openjdk8:build
| [excerpt from the log-file:
| gmake[2]: *** No rule to make target '1'.  Stop.
| gmake[2]: Leaving directory
| '/wrkdirs/usr/ports/java/openjdk8/work/openjdk/langtools/make

> Yes, that looks about right.  The '11amd64-default' part is the
> combination of the poudriere jail name and the ports tree used to build
> those packages.  pkg(8) should work fine with a file:// URL, but
> obviously that only works to install packages on the same machine where
> you run poudriere.

that's OK with me, I'm only upgrading on this one machine.

> Well, try updating your ports tree (poudriere ports -u) and then running
> a poudriere bulk to update any outdated packages.  Then try 'pkg
> upgrade' again.  Chances are something will have an update available.

thanks for the hints.
I updated the ports tree and started poudriere with my list of ports
to install (115; already installed is only the base system 11.1 from
the boot CD + poudriere). Due to dependencies the first poudriere run
(some weeks ago) tried to build approximately 1000 ports (all but 1 failed,
4 skipped). After the ports tree update: Queued: 584.
It is not yet finished (Built: 369, Failed: 1, Skipped: 4, Ignored: 0,
Tobuild: 210), but after more than 26 hours (degree of parallelism: 4,
old computer) I didn't want to wait until tomorrow and give you at least
a provisional result: with pkg upgrade I still see
| Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
| FreeBSD repository is up to date.
| All repositories are up to date.
| Checking for upgrades (123 candidates): .......... done
| Processing candidates (123 candidates): . done
| Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
| Your packages are up to date.

I don't know the origin of the '123 candidates'; my list of ports
to install has 115 entries and the actual list poudriere is handling
is much longer due to dependencies.
Do I have so specify the repository created by poudriere explicitly?
I thought that the entry
| FreeBSD: {
|   url: "file:///usr/local/poudriere/data/packages/11amd64-default/",
| ...
in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf was enough.

Best regards,

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