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Luciano Mannucci luciano at
Tue Jan 16 16:55:42 UTC 2018

On Tue, 16 Jan 2018 17:18:48 +0100
Michael Schuster <michaelsprivate at> wrote:

> a few questions come to mind:
> - what are you doing with the output (> /dev/null?)?
No, I'm sseing it on my ssh session. I have omitted it for brevity... :)

> - how are you measuring this?
By looking at the clock on my xfce screen. I know it is not very precise,
but the difference is substantial enough to make me think I've made
probably something wrong.

> - what else is the machine doing while you're doing your 'ls'?
It's normal duty: serving emails... :) Though it is not under heavy load...

> - [you may have said so in an earlier message:] is the HW (including disk
> infrastructure) comparable to the linux box?
No it isn't, it is ten years more modern, has twice the ram, 8 CPU cores
instead of 2, and is able to deliver more than two tousand mail per minutes
while the older linux system has never met a tenth of that speed.

> - is this time you're reporting, while significant, the only issue you

> have, or do you actually see something really show-stopping on that machine
> (IOW, what problem are you trying to solve)?
I'm just worried. It is my first big freebsd server I've put in production.

> - do you have comparable numbers in comparable directories?
Well, not really. It is the only directory where all the
files have a different owner.

> - do you see any error messages or warnings in the logs?

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