Dualboot and ZFS

Dean E. Weimer dweimer at dweimer.net
Mon Jan 15 15:42:09 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-15 9:15 am, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Manish Jain wrote:
>> On 01/15/18 20:17, Victor Sudakov wrote:
>> > However, later you suggest it's possible to install freebsd-zfs on a
>> > BSD slice. How is that?
>> I never suggested installing freebsd-zfs on a MBR/BSD slice, unless I
>> made a typo. freebsd-zfs can only be installed on an entire disk,
>> partitioned GPT.
>> The steps mentioned in my first message target moving an existing UFS 
>> to
>> ZFS.
> Do we perhaps have a different understanding of "installing"? If by
> "installing" you mean only that by the regular bsdinstall, then I
> understand you.
> For me, however, running "make installworld DESTDIR=xxx" is also
> installing. Can DESTDIR be a zpool on a MBR/BSD slice?

You can do an install from source to a zfs dataset no matter where it 
exists as that just shows up as any other mount point, but if you want 
to be able to boot from it I would suggest making it on a GPT disk. I 
checked and there is a section on the wiki 
<https://wiki.freebsd.org/RootOnZFS/ZFSBootSlice> about installing to 
MBR, but its flagged as will not boot.

By the way the setup I sent was installed by using the live CD, creating 
the zpool, and zfs datasets, and extracting the data manually. I do 
updates by building from source and installing to clones of root dataset 
then change zpools bootfs and reboot. With the new dataset.

    Dean E. Weimer

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