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Victor Sudakov vas at
Fri Jan 5 07:17:46 UTC 2018

Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:


> > The "pkg lock" way is kind of ugly. Did you ever try to bind your
> > special package to a special repository (e.g. your very own
> > poudriere), while the rest of the packages should keep affinity to the
> > default repository (the FreeBSD project repository)? Is it at all
> > possible with pkg(8) ?
> 	I did try maintaining my own repository with poudriere for a while,

I do have my own repository with poudriere, it is used as the only
source of packages for a dozen of my headless machines (I switch off
the default FreeBSD repository on them).

> pkg supports multiple repositories with a preference order so it was happy

That's something new to me about the preference order. How is the
order configured and how does it work? What if there is a newer
package in the less preferred repositories, and an older one in the
more preferred one, how is this situation resolved?

> enough to pull from my repository preferentially. The only downside was
> that I had to build all the dependencies as well as the ports I wanted 

That does not seem a big problem to me, I build a lot of packages anyway.

> and I kept getting into trouble trying to keep the versions in sync.

Could you please elaborate on that? Do you mean there is a problem if
the package versions in two repositories are not in sync?

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