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Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:

> Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
> > 
> > > BTW how do you manage such a situation when all of your packages are
> > > from a remote repository and a couple of others you have to build from
> > > ports locally (or install from another repository)?
> > 
> > 	Firstly I make sure that I minimise the building by doing this
> > in the port directory before building:
> > 
> > pkg install `make missing`
> > 
> > 	Then once the port is built, installed and I'm happy with it I
> > use pkg lock to prevent pkg upgrade from messing with it. From time to
> > time I update my ports tree and rebuild (pkg unlock first).
> The "pkg lock" way is kind of ugly. Did you ever try to bind your

	It's fine for a small number of packages, when you want to be
precise about what comes from local builds. The catch is that if you don't
pay attention then sooner or later a pkg upgrade rips a dependency out from
under your custom build and you don't find out until you need the tool at
which point the need to do a build tends to cause bad language.

> special package to a special repository (e.g. your very own
> poudriere), while the rest of the packages should keep affinity to the
> default repository (the FreeBSD project repository)? Is it at all
> possible with pkg(8) ?

	I did try maintaining my own repository with poudriere for a while,
pkg supports multiple repositories with a preference order so it was happy
enough to pull from my repository preferentially. The only downside was
that I had to build all the dependencies as well as the ports I wanted and
I kept getting into trouble trying to keep the versions in sync.

	Nothing's perfect sadly - both ways are workable and both take work.

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