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On 2018-02-19 (13:56 MST), John Johnstone <nospamfreebsd.jjohnstone at> wrote:
> On 2/19/18 12:56 PM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
>> On Mon, February 19, 2018 12:20 am, @lbutlr wrote:
>>> On 2018-02-17 (11:44 MST), Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> And here is the part where we two will fundamentally disagree. The truth
>>>> is, that Apple store offers you the latest version of given application.
>>> But that is simply not true. There are plenty of applications that I can
>>> reinstall on my old device that does not run the current OS, and I will
>>> get the version for the OS I am running, not the newest version of the
>>> application.
>>> Apple cannot give you a version of an application that the developer has
>>> removed from the App store, no matter how badly you want it, as it is not
>>> theirs to give.
>> I wonder if you could teach me how to install older version of some
>> application through apple store for which apple store already carries
>> newer version of application. What do I do on my iOS device (iPhone or
>> iPad) to choose different version of application than the one that pops up
>> in the search of app store.
>> I don't care which application you choose as example, I just would like to
>> follow your step by step instruction. Once I am able to see one
>> (whichever) application for which I can choose one of two different
>> versions, I will happily admit that my statement was wrong. And I will
>> learn something. But so far I haven't seen the way to install older
>> version of some application (the version that was released when older
>> version on iOS was actively supported). But, of course, I did check all
>> applications that are in apple store.
>> Thanks.
>> Valeri
> An iOS device can be used with or without iTunes.  Without iTunes, apps install on the device directly from the App store

So far so good.

> and only the latest app version is available

No, this is not correct.

The App store will download a version that will work on your current OS version, even if that is not the newest version, assuming the developer has left that version active.

Most developers do not do this because it is not worthwhile to support old versions that they are not able to patch or update.

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

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