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On Fri, February 16, 2018 5:18 pm, LuKreme wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2018, at 09:40, Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at>
> wrote:
>> Almost all applications coming through apple store will refuse to
>> install on older version of iOS.
> I still have a device with iOS 4 and two with iOS 9. I can instal;l; apps
> just fine in iOS 9, including for most apps, the older versions that run
> on iOS 9 even when there have been updates to iOS 11. If an app no longer
> makes the old version available, that is because the *DEVELOPER* (not
> Apple) decided that.

This is not what I said. At least, not what I intended to say. I had to
reinstall iOS on old device for somebody because the device was purchased
in a state that it was locked with password, and there was no other way to
recover it (except for old user to unlock the device, but there was no way
to get hold of old owner). Incidentally, for me as for sysadmin it is
often situation, people bring for recycling old devices they haven't used
for ages, which they don't remember password for. My duty is to wipe the
storage clean, so I do know that there is the only way to access such
device to wipe it which is to just reinstall the system on it.

Now comes the fun part. On old Apple devices you only can install the
version of iOS the device was released with, and maybe upgrade it to
slightly later version. There is no way to upgrade the device to latest
version of the system that exists now.

And here is the part where we two will fundamentally disagree. The truth
is, that Apple store offers you the latest version of given application.
Which effectively prevents you from installing most of applications on
device on which you reinstalled older iOS. You are willing to blame
application developers. I disagree here. There was a version of
application that worked on that older version of the system. It is apple
store that gives me incompatible later version of application,
disregarding the version of system apple store client comes from. And
there is no way I could find to request from apple store older version of
application, the version that was compatible with that older system. Of
course, apple store and friends are proprietary things thus there is no
information about them for us to substantiate any argument. However, it is
Apple who locked iOS users into installation of applications through apple
store, therefore it is they to blame for the situation like the one I
described, at least in my book.

I know there are many Apple fanatics, who will yell that you are wrong,
and just go and buy Apple's latest and greatest. There is no way to yell
louder than they do. There are some people, however, who still don't buy
disposable cardboard wrist watches, and wear wrist watch (the good quality
one) they purchased some 20 to 40 years ago. The same goes about almost
any other hardware. If you got good quality one, and it still works, and
it still (as hardware) fulfills all tasks it is supposed to, then there is
no need to obsolete, retire, replace it. The iOS device I had to reinstall
system on for somebody, on which we were not able to install any of
applications person usually uses on iOS devices, because of mere reason
that the system is considered obsolete [by Apple], but the latest iOS can
not be installed on that device. Thus Apple (offer someone else to blame
if you can make sane argument) effectively obsoleted their hardware which
still works, but you are barred by App store from reinstalling the system
and then reinstalling all applications.

So, long time ago when I passed my iPhone to somebody else and switched to
Nokia N900 (running descendant of Debian), I was commenting that I was in
[Apple] jail, and now I'm not, and that person who got my iPhone is in
jail now ;-)

Just my humble opinion.


PS Apple is great in a sense that on one hand they are monopoly, as if you
want to have great system which is fantastic UNIX (or almost as strictly
speaking they didn't pay AT&T loayalties...) underneath with excellent GUI
interface. And you can have OS 10 only on Apple hardware. But being
monopoly (in that sense), they still fiercely compete with themselves and
develop new great hardware. Except few flops like titanium macbook, or
MacBook Pro 2012 - in last case I'd rather blame NVIDIA whom, BTW Apple
dropped after that. But anyway, they are just doing really great job, and
this is also my humble opinion, which by no means contradict what I said
above about planfully (and painfully for customer) obsoleting older

>> you have to reinstall iOS (and present your valid appleID at first boot)
> No, you do not. You can setup an iOS device with no AppleID.
>> But after that you will not be able to install pretty much none of
>> applications
> That is certainly not my experience.
>> through apple store, as apple controls that apple store, and almost all
>> applications will refuse to install on older system.
> Again, if an app won't install on an older OS it is because the developer
> of that application made that decision.
> There are many valid reasons for a developer to make that decision, by the
> way, primarily not getting reviews or support requests from people running
> old versions, but also if changes to the back-end are no longer compatible
> with older versions. I'm sure other reasons I can't think of.
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