any problem going from 9.x (don't laugh) to 11 directly?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Wed Feb 14 23:29:59 UTC 2018

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Hardie <bc979 at> writes:

Doug>   FreeBSD 9.1 cannot use freebsd-update to go directly to
Doug> 11.x.

I'm on 9.3, and intended to use freebsd-update.

Doug> During the upgrade process when you first reboot, you really need
Doug> to boot in single user mode.
Doug>   I have always done a regular boot as
Doug> the machines were not local and had no access to the console.

I don't think you mean serial console... Arpnetworks gives me a VNC
console... I presume I can boot single user from the initial menu.

Doug> There are enough library changes that most services just will not
Doug> start properly and tend to hang.  You are left with a system that
Doug> is non-responsive.  The one approach I used successfully one time
Doug> was to comment virtually everything other than sshd out in
Doug> rc.conf.  You have to make sure you have really killed sendmail
Doug> though.  Setting it to NO is not enough.  Otherwise it will
Doug> eventually give up and give you back service, but it takes a long
Doug> time.

Great advice!  Thanks.

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