how to change text-console resolution

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Sun Dec 23 18:42:16 UTC 2018

On Sun, 23 Dec 2018 18:49:49 +0530, Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
> is there any way to change the resolution of a regular text console? i 
> am not referring to x11/xorg here, just the pure-text tty console.

There is no text console in FreeBSD anymore, except you have


set in /boot/loader.conf, which is incompatible with X (if
you want to be able to use X on that machine).

However, you can try this in /boot/loader.conf:


Adjust it to the actual size (in pixels) your display has.
If you're using a CRT - well, it doesn't have pixels... ;-)

You can also try this:


For vt, you can try various things in /etc/rc.conf, depending
on the FreeBSD version you're using they may or may not work
as expected, or work at all. With vidcontrol, you can choose
a different font:

	allscreens_flags="-f gallant"

Of course, you cannot choose "80x25" or anything like that
in a convenient way. Neither can you influence the colors
which seem to be distorted.

So say good bye to the text mode and use X instead, where
setting options for xterm to make text readable again is
much easier. ;-)

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