packages vs ports, do they conflict?

Philipp Vlassakakis freebsd-en at
Wed Dec 19 05:47:06 UTC 2018


Its a good idead to stick with ports OR packages, but do not mix them.

Packages are build with default build settings. (Also they expect those default settings from dependencies).

If you mix those, you will end up with changed build settings for a port, which is maybe required by a installed package. This can cause a lot of trouble. :)

Use only pkg and no ports OR use poudriere to build „custom“ packages from ports which you can easily deploy via pkg.


> On 19. Dec 2018, at 05:54, Ian Zimmerman <itz at> wrote:
> I just tried to compile a port for the first time, and I tried to follow
> the Handbook as closely as possible, as is fitting for a newbie.  So,
> after becoming root in the port directory, the first thing I tried was
> "make config-recursive".  And the first dialog of options was for bash.
> So I guess this port has the bash port as a dependency.  But I have
> already installed bash as a package!  If I go ahead with the build, will
> a bash port be built and installed too, overwriting the package
> installation - maybe with different and undesirable options?  How does
> this work in general?  Can I mix packages and ports at all, or do I have
> to commit to one framework or the other for all software installs?
> Thanks for clarifications.
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