packages vs ports, do they conflict?

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Wed Dec 19 05:07:25 UTC 2018

I just tried to compile a port for the first time, and I tried to follow
the Handbook as closely as possible, as is fitting for a newbie.  So,
after becoming root in the port directory, the first thing I tried was
"make config-recursive".  And the first dialog of options was for bash.
So I guess this port has the bash port as a dependency.  But I have
already installed bash as a package!  If I go ahead with the build, will
a bash port be built and installed too, overwriting the package
installation - maybe with different and undesirable options?  How does
this work in general?  Can I mix packages and ports at all, or do I have
to commit to one framework or the other for all software installs?

Thanks for clarifications.

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