ZFS and group quotas

Philipp Vlassakakis freebsd-en at lists.vlassakakis.de
Tue Dec 18 17:09:45 UTC 2018


It should be:
zfs set groupquota at 1001=none <device>

Instead of „set“ you can also use „get“ to receive the current value (none or 100G for example)

zfs get groupquota at 1001 <device>

Yes, this change js permanent and will „survive“ a reboot.


> On 18. Dec 2018, at 17:33, Carmel NY <carmel_ny at outlook.com> wrote:
> I want to eliminate a quota limit for a group. I found this documentation.
>    groupquota at group=size | none
> So, if I were to enter:
>    zfs groupquota at 1001=none
> I assume that would remove any restrictions. Is this a permanent setting or
> do I have to reenter it on every bootup?
> Thanks!
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> Carmel
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