FreeBSD 12.0 or 11.2

Chris chrcoluk at
Sun Dec 16 05:42:57 UTC 2018

To me documentation is extremely important but its the weakness of
software development, as sadly writing documentation is boring.

There used to be a page maintained by someone called "whats cooking"
which was way better than the official release pages, which just list
silly things like openssl updated to blah blah.  But sadly he ran out
of time, and no one really took over his work.

I feel anything that can break a system due to things like syntax
changes or removed functions definitely needs to get documented
somewhere on release announcements.

On Sat, 15 Dec 2018 at 23:04, Doug Hardie <bc979 at> wrote:
> > On 15 December 2018, at 05:08, starikarp at wrote:
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > I did change hard drive with bad condition with the SSD drive and I am
> > ready for the new install of FreeBSD which I am using on the desktop
> > computer which is iMac.
> > On the FreeBSD forum are many complains about new 12.0 release and I am
> > not sure if is safe to install it or install the 11.2 which worked for
> > me all the time.
> That depends on how you are using it.  12.0 is a major system upgrade.  There are a number of changes in various parts of the system.  This is normal for a major system upgrade.  It can make it a bit difficult if you have lots of your own code and it relies on something that has changed.  The defaults for openssl have changed, and basename_r has been eliminated.  My code was relying on both of those.  I have had to make changes.  Figuring out the cause of the problems does take some effort.  It's not seamless.  However, the base system seems to be quite stable.  I have been beating it about since it came out and have not seen any issues other than the deliberate changes.  It would be nice if all those changes were documented, but I suspect that document would be so long no one would have the time to read it anyway.  You are going to have to go to 12 sometime.  You can kick the can down the road a bit and hope you have more time available then to deal with any issues.  However, in my
>  experience that doesn't work.  I never have more time down the road.
> -- Doug
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