Fwd: $ true is not set properly error

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Mon Aug 20 17:58:32 UTC 2018

On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 13:41:44 +0530, Balaji Balaji wrote:
>                   We have Server PC with FreeBSD 6.3 used in Toshiba MRI
> for store rawdata.

FreeBSD 6.3 is out of support for several years already.
If you can, consider upgrading that system to a version
that receives support.

However, FreeBSD is known to run for decades (if maintained
properly, or _not_ touched at all). :-)

> Now we have following problem in server PC it is not booting fully showing
> error
> Mounting /etc/fstab filesystems failed, startup aborted
> /etc/rc:Warning:$true is not set properly -see rc.conf(5)

What does "now" mean in this context? Did it happen
suddenly out of nowhere, or did you change something
on the server? If yes, what did you change?

The error seems to indicate some problem with /etc/rc.conf

Maybe this older discussion is helpful:


Check in /etc/rc.conf if you somewhere have a line
like "true=<something>" in it...

But that is a warning. Probably there's an error with
bigger impact related to mounting, maybe an error in

You could try to boot the system into single user mode
first ("boot -s" at loader prompt), then run "fsck",
and finally "mount -a". This should give you a good
indication of what could be the problem.

> attached picture 1 with booting error

This mailing list does not support non-text attachments.
Please upload the picture somewhere - or even better,
especially for future reference, type the error message
(and all other important information that might appear
on the server) directly into the message.

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