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On Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:25:10 -0400
Alejandro Imass <aimass at yabarana.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 3:00 PM, Dave Hayes <dave at jetcafe.org> wrote:
> > On Wed, 15 Aug 2018 14:30:22 -0400
> > Alejandro Imass <aimass at yabarana.com> wrote:  
> >> get over it it's almost 2020  
> >
> > Your implied assertion that "newer is always better" is a fallacy.
> >  
> That is not my implied assertion.

I'm fairly sure you didn't mean to imply that. Nevertheless, the
implication is there to be read. 

> What I am saying is that you cannot force the whole world to follow
> some dogmatic practice when the rest of the world is moving in another
> direction. 

That's a statement that does convey your sentiment clearer. However,
I daresay many of us here are not moving with the "rest of the world",
or (e.g.) we'd be using Windows. So perhaps this is an inappropriate
audience for that sentiment? :)

> Unless of course, you want to retire being a grumpy old
> timer that no one listens to.

In general, I have observed that people do not listen ... period.
This is despite the age, emotional state, credentials, or experience of
the speaker. Most people fail to listen to themselves, why would anyone
expect that they would actually listen to someone else?

> My point is that these dogmatic norms need serious revision and
> adaptation to new trends in technology.

I would agree, but only if that change comes from one's own perspective
and not the perspective of peer pressure. 

I have been trying to convince people that convincing people of
anything is futile...but somehow my efforts in this regard are not
working at all. ;)

> People using smartphones and tablets generally don't have the luxury
> of neither bottom posting nor contextual answering, so what? we should
> stick to antiquated practices and ignore the vast majority of newer
> users on these devices? Really? good luck with that.

If you are talking about technological trends, one could also call into
question the practice of giving the masses smaller, less usable devices
under the pretense of reducing entry cost. These devices, you'll note,
simply rose in price until they are about the same cost as the devices
they replaced. Of course, this is another topic entirely. 
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