How can I help FreeBSD?

Mo.Keef mo.kefah at
Sun Apr 29 02:12:47 UTC 2018

I knew about FreeBSD long time ago, but only recently tried to install it.

I also researched a little bit about the main differences between kFreeBSD and Linux in general, and two of the things that attracted me were a more mature code base, and the amount of documentation.

I'm yet to become a decent programmer in general, yet to develop code for Operating systems.. but nevertheless I'm willing to study and learn more.. I disparately  want to contribute and help the project, and be able to fight back (with patches and code) those who say that the BSDs are dying..

I really want to help. Unfortunately all I can do now is learning more.
If possible, can you please give me a list of headings for topics that I will need to understand in order to start reading the code base, and enjoy its elegance?

(Hopefully a future developer).

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