Dual Boot with GRUB next to GNU/Linux "Debian"

Wes Frazier wes.frazier at members.fsf.org
Sat Apr 28 23:33:00 UTC 2018

I'm new to FreeBSD but did this recently with Debian/Devuan without EFI.
It wasn't automatic however. I used the disk/slice/partition editor in
the installer. I reserved the first slice for FreeBSD, the second for
GNU/Linux's root and a third for GNU/Linux's swap.

I installed FreeBSD to slice one (letting the installer automatically
partition the space).

Then when I installed Devuan I chose the second and third slices in the
installer, as my ext3 root and swap space respectively. When it prompted
me to install grub I told the installer to install grub to the second
slice instead of the whole hard disk.

Then from FreeBSD I used the boot0cfg command to make linux select ble
from the FreeBSD boot menu. You may want to check boot0cfg man page.

Grub can be configured to boot FreeBSD instead of using FreeBSD's
bootloader to boot GNU/Linux but I haven't used that method and can't
speak to it.

- Wes

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