audiophile sound on FreeBSD ?

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Wed Apr 25 12:13:12 UTC 2018

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Erich Dollansky <freebsd.ed.lists at> wrote:

> After noticing that he has an original LP of
> a CD of mine, we plugged normal digital equipment in. Every child could
> hear the difference.

	There are substantial differences between what is recorded on an
LP and what is recorded on a CD even if they start from the same master

	The audio for the LP will have been processed with RIAA (to be
reversed by the pre-amp on playback) while the audio for the CD will have
been filtered sharply to prevent aliasing.

	Then the audio for the LP will be mastered onto the LP with some
care (possibly compression being applied) to ensure that the groove spacing
is adequate to the amplitude being recorded while the audio for the CD will
be digitised.

	The playback pitch accuracy will depend on the rotation speed of the
turntable for the LP and for the readout speed of the CD mechanism for the
CD (which may or may not be buffered to prevent mechanical jitter*).

	IOW they're bound to sound different - as to which is more accurate
you'd need to do a double blind test against the monitors the mixing
engineer used (at least I *think* that's the most valid reference).

*: I recall reading many years ago that some recording
engineers could tell which machine a digital recording was mastered on
because of the characteristic timing jitter imposed by the machine onto the

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