Problems With Running Firefox Under Xfce

B J va6bmj at
Fri Apr 20 04:06:06 UTC 2018


> I used to have a similar sort of problem, not exactly the same.
> Rather than rebooting, have you tried re-initing or re-starting just the
> appropriate processes?  As I recall, I usually got my situation resolved
> by re-establishing my firewall rules using "sh ipfw_rules" or something
> like that.  I never did figure out why it was dropping out, but it
> happened under similar circumstances.


Thanks for your comment.

Part of the problem is that, for some reason, I can't toggle between
enabling and disabling the network interface, which I was able to do

I made a note of the IP address and the net mask and entered them by
hand.  It seemed to work but in more recent versions of Xfce, it did
that automatically.


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