sshd virtual memory usage on different hardware

Francis Bacon chode128 at
Tue Apr 10 20:25:39 UTC 2018

>> Looking at the virtual memory of the sshd processes it appears different
>> linked libraries are using more virtual memory different hardware.
>> The biggest offender is  /usr/lib/ Below are the
>> virtual memory usages, and it appears it uses 2235, 9925, and 20295.
> The figure under "RES" is resident memory, not virtual memory. How much of
> the library was resident would depend on how much real memory was
> available, how much competition for memory there was, and might depend on
> what other processes were using that library.

Why the amount of real memory would change how much memory a library would
have resident?
In my examples, Machine1 had 8G, Machine2 32G, and Machine3 64G.


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