unbound & local-zones

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 17:59:34 UTC 2017

I have noticed something that doesn't seem right.

I added 1150 local-zones to unbound.

 From any LAN device browser trying to go to any of the those fqdn gets 
"can't reach this page" message just like its suppose to.

The I ran a script that reads that 1150 fqdn file doing the host 
command. Again all those host name get nxdomain just like its suppose to.

But here is what don't seem right. Watching the modem connected to the 
public internet I see the rapid blinking of the rend/receive lights for 
the duration the script is running. This happens ever time I run the 

It's my understanding that any dns request for any fqdn in unbound's 
local-zone list is serviced by unbound without going to the public 
internet. IE; I should not see the modem rend/receive lights blinking 
like mad.

Any ideas on why I am seeing this behaviors?

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