Future of SAMBA on FreeBSD

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
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On Sat, September 16, 2017 19:49, Adam Vande More wrote:
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> Are you trying this in a jail?  Did you read the relevant UPDATING
> entry?

1. No, this is not being attempted in a jail.

2. Yes, but this is not an update of an existing samba DC but a new
installation.  The pkg built on FreeBSD-11 but it will not provision
as a DC.

The issue is tied to the implementation of extended attributes which
somehow differs under FreeBSD from Linux.  My question was directed at
the FreeBSD maintainers since the package maintainer is constrained by
the limits enforced by the operating system.A work around that is
reported to work is to patch Damba 4.6 to use the default namespace
which approach the Samba team deprecate as being insecure.

Since this is all well beyond my scope of competence I may have
expressed the details poorly but that is my understanding of the
situation. What I would appreciate is if someone could explain what
the patch does and what its implications for security really are. I
would also appreciate information from anyone that has actually
applied the patch on FreeBSD.

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