Three '450.status-security' scripts enabled by default

Yasuhiro KIMURA yasu at
Tue Oct 31 22:44:03 UTC 2017

From: Ian Smith <smithi at>
Subject: Re: Three '450.status-security' scripts enabled by default
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2017 00:13:36 +1100 (EST)

> 450.status-security is run (YES) each of those times, but unless you set 
> variables in /etc/periodic.conf that override /etc/default/periodic.conf 
> settings, it'll still use the default of 'daily' for the various scripts 
> run by that one.  See periodic.conf(5) and /etc/defaults/periodic.conf 
> near the end.
> I was curious as my (cough) 9.3 system precedes this feature, so dug 
> around to find this, which likely explains the rationale well enough:
> Most people likely won't exercise this feature, if they know it exists.
> Oh, and whether using pkg(8) or source updating isn't relevant to this.

Thank you for explanation. But in fact today I received 'monthry
security run output' mail from my home server. And I also checked
trash folder of my mailbox and confirmed that I recieved 'weekly
security run output' mail on last Saturday. So there must be something
that doesn't fit your explanation.

Yasuhiro KIMURA

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