Three '450.status-security' scripts enabled by default

Ian Smith smithi at
Tue Oct 31 13:13:49 UTC 2017

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On Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:52:58 +0900 (JST) Yasuhiro KIMURA <yasu at> wrote:

 > Hello,


 > While investigating the delay of daily periodic jobs, I found there
 > are three '450.status-security' scripts under /etc/periodic, that is,
 > /etc/periodic/{dairy,monthry,weekly}/450.status-security. All of them
 > executes 'periodic security' and only difference is how often they are
 > executed. So I think the purpose of them is to provide user option
 > how often 'periodic security' is executed. OK, I understand it. But I
 > can't understand setting about them in /etc/defaults/periodic.conf
 > because all of them are enabled by default. If the purpose is what I
 > explained, normal user expects at most one of them is enabled. So are
 > there any reason that all of them are enabled by default?

450.status-security is run (YES) each of those times, but unless you set 
variables in /etc/periodic.conf that override /etc/default/periodic.conf 
settings, it'll still use the default of 'daily' for the various scripts 
run by that one.  See periodic.conf(5) and /etc/defaults/periodic.conf 
near the end.

I was curious as my (cough) 9.3 system precedes this feature, so dug 
around to find this, which likely explains the rationale well enough:

Most people likely won't exercise this feature, if they know it exists.

Oh, and whether using pkg(8) or source updating isn't relevant to this.

cheers, Ian

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