When is a FreeBSD port not a port?

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at fjl.co.uk
Fri Oct 27 11:13:59 UTC 2017

I've written a "few" utilities over the years that I've made available 
in various places, but it might make sense to put them in 
ports/sysutils. However, they were written on BSD and are therefore not 

Should I submit them anyway (if I find time to clean them up, of 
course)? Or if not, any (polite) suggestions as to where I should put 
them? I don't use GitHub or SourceForge (too old to change my ways, and 
I normally work off-line anyway).

e.g. http://www.fjl.co.uk/free-stuff


On a slightly different point, I needed something to rate-throttle a 
stream and before I wrote one I checked the ports tree for something 
called "throttle", thinking this a likely name, and found just what I 
was looking for - except it's been abandoned and removed. It was all of 
15 minutes to write a new one, but does anyone know anything about the 

Thanks Frank.

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