openssl problem

Dean E. Weimer dweimer at
Tue Oct 24 15:30:54 UTC 2017

On 2017-10-24 9:15 am, Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> On 24 Oct, 2017, at 8:00, Ernie Luzar <luzar722 at> wrote:
>> I do "pkg install openssl" that works ok.
>> But from that point I get 2 different messages at port make time 
>> depending on the port being installed.
>> /usr/ports/sysutils/qjail >make install clean
>> /!\ WARNING /!\
>> You have security/openssl installed but do not have
>> DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl set in your make.conf
>> Which stops if I add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl to /etc/make.conf
>> Get this error all the time, even with /etc/ populated with 
>> DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl
>> /usr/ports/www/links >make install clean
>> make: "/usr/ports/Mk/Uses/" line 77: You are using
>> an unsupported SSL provider openssl
>> I see this needing 2 solutions.
>> 1. The openssl port needs to be changes so it populates /etc/make.conf 
>> with DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl
> That is unlikely ever to happen. The workflow isn't "install openssl,
> make.conf is updated", it's "make.conf is updated (by you), now when
> you install things openssl is brought in automatically." No port
> should ever be touching things in /etc without a tremendously good
> reason.
>> 2. The /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/" line 77 needs to be changed to 
>> resolve this bogus error message.
> I'm not sure how you're getting this message, as openssl is definitely
> a valid value. Is this on quarterly or HEAD? How old is your ports
> tree? What else is in your make.conf?
> # Adam

from /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/

11 # DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=    ssl=<openssl variant>
12 #
13 # Variants being base, openssl, openssl-devel, libressl, and 
73 # Get OPENSSL_SHLIBVER from the port
74 .sinclude <${PORTSDIR}/${OPENSSL_PORT}/>
76 .  if !defined(OPENSSL_SHLIBVER)
77 .error You are using an unsupported SSL provider ${SSL_DEFAULT}
78 .  endif

Not sure if this means that the port www/links doesn't work with openssl 
in ports, or if this is caused by other dependent ports need to be 
rebuilt now that you have added the line to make.conf

By adding the option in make.conf you are telling the ports they should 
use openssl from ports instead of the openssl libraries in base. The 
warning you received is just because the system recognized that openssl 
from ports was installed but without an option set it was still building 
against base. The assumption being that you wouldn't have installed it 
without wanting to build against it instead, so it wants to let you 
know. If you change from one to the other you should rebuild all ports 
that use OpenSSL to make sure they are all using the same OpenSSL 

    Dean E. Weimer

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