openssl problem

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Tue Oct 24 14:00:18 UTC 2017

I do "pkg install openssl" that works ok.

But from that point I get 2 different messages at port make time 
depending on the port being installed.

/usr/ports/sysutils/qjail >make install clean
/!\ WARNING /!\

You have security/openssl installed but do not have
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl set in your make.conf

Which stops if I add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl to /etc/make.conf

Get this error all the time, even with /etc/ populated with 

/usr/ports/www/links >make install clean
make: "/usr/ports/Mk/Uses/" line 77: You are using
an unsupported SSL provider openssl

I see this needing 2 solutions.

1. The openssl port needs to be changes so it populates /etc/make.conf 
with DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl

2. The /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/" line 77 needs to be changed to resolve 
this bogus error message.

Any thoughts on these solutions?

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