How to recover data from dead hard drive.

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>I never said the hard drive in question was 
>I friend of mine went through a devoice a few years back. He did not
> his personal xp pc in the settlement, only the hard drive which makes 
>a squealing noise when running. He tried to install it into his dell 
>desktop. But not being a computer geek he know nothing about 
>master/slave on the ribbon or the jumpers on the H.D. Have no idea what
>damage he may have caused doing this.


>The lesson here is try the simple recover stuff first, especially if 
>it's a Microsoft drive.

Great result! Although next time I suggest you copy the drive to an image file first.

Plugging drive cables, even IDE, isn't likely to do any damage. The lines are all open collector. It was different with the ST400 interface, which would erase a track 0 if you got it wrong due to stupid definition. Of R/!W but that's ancient history!

The worst thing is when someone plugs a  drive in and Windoze pops up a message offering to repair it.
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