Screen Saver under FreeBSD 11.1

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Sun Oct 8 08:24:02 UTC 2017

On Sun, 08 Oct 2017 08:10:25 +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> from Manish Jain:
> > On 10/05/17 18:32, Eduardo Lemos de Sa wrote:
> > > I have used FreeBSD 11.1 (release/amd64) since some months. Everything
> > > seems to working good, but I couldn't find a way get screensaver working. I
> > > added into my /etc/rc.conf:
> > > saver="blank"
> > > blanktime="120"
> > > rebooted several times, but simply it did not work. Under X11, I could have
> > > xscreensaver working (and to reinforce security, I am working under X11
> > > enviroment to have screen locked). Please, could you give some advise to
> > > solve this?
> > > Thanks in advance
> > > My best regards
> > > Eduardo
> > Getting the saver to work in console mode is difficult nowadays -
> > perhaps even impossible.
> > The only way you can get saver to work in console mode is to add this to
> > /boot/loader.conf and reboot :
> > kern.vty=sc
> > The default console driver under 11.x is vt. If you use sc, your saver
> > will begin to work, but then X will refuse to start (happens under
> > 10.3/11.0). If you manage to get it to work under 11.1 - good luck !
> Same symptoms occur with NetBSD with DRMKMS, which is their name for vt or newcons.
> I can only guess it would occur with Linux too and would not fight it.

I'd say it's already present in Linux for a long while, but as
Linux is already quite X-centric (at least the desktop distros,
obviously), it is not a problem over there. Hardly anyone uses
Linux in text mode. :-)

> X will not start from sc in FreeBSD or NetBSD.

Exactly, that's why the traditional text mode has been lost in
FreeBSD, as soon as your system should run X.

> I have wondered if console screensaver could be made to work with
> vt or DRMKMS, but then there is the danger of not being able to
> come back from screenblanking.

This special sympton has been occuring when using sc with X (at
a time where you could actually _start_ X from sc), but switching
back from X to sc left the screen blank.

With vt, you are always in graphics mode (there is no text mode
anymore), so I'd assume that blanking and returning is not a
problem here (no mode-switching).

> I no longer use sc in FreeBSD.

It only works for systems that do not run X.

> In NetBSD, I like booting into 1920x1080 video mode for console
> and getting 67 (?) rows and 240 columns.

And that is exactly what I personally have problems with. The system
boots with 80x25 text mode, then 80x25 graphics mode, then blanks
for several seconds, and finally returns with tiny letters in an
unpleasant font. On the laptop's native display, it becomes unreadable.

So say goodbye to text mode, use X with xterms (or any other
terminal application), where it's far easier to get a readable
font at a terminal size you want, be it 80x25 or 132x67. And
use xlock / xlockmore / xscreensaver instead. :-)

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