Cannot .configure WindowMaker 0.95.8 - Xmu lib issues

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Fri Oct 6 19:25:36 UTC 2017

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Subject: Re: Cannot .configure WindowMaker 0.95.8 - Xmu lib issues
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On Fri, 6 Oct 2017, the wise James Geering wrote:

> Hi All, I have just moved from RedHat and have progressed with the 
> learning curve of moving to FreeBSD. I'm running 11.1-release #0 r321309 
> amd64. I have installed Xorg and am running WindowMaker 0.95.7 
> successfully. Both installed using "pkg install <***>"
> Out of interested I wanted to try the more recent WindowMaker 0.95.8 and 
> downloaded the source from  I followed the 
> how-to of extract and configure steps but am having problems with 
> .configure step. The script stops with the information:-
>  "checking for Xmu library... configure: error: library Xmu not found"
> however, Xmu library seems to be installed as reported by cd'ing to 
> /usr/local/ports/x11-toolkits/libXmu/ and issuing "make install clean". 
> The command reports the library is already installed.  Also I find the 
> *.h at /usr/local/include/X11/Xmu.  However I cannot find a .lib file - 
> should I be able to, and if so why does ports think it is installed.
> Clearly, I am misunderstanding what the error message is telling me. 
> Thus, I would be grateful if someone could give me hint of what is going 
> on, I have Googled extensively but cannot work through this issue - so 
> am posting here.

You should only build and install software by ports or pkg in FreeBSD. So 
the port needs an update.

I've filed a bugreport in june for the upgrade of x11-wm/windowmaker to 
0.95.8 but unfortunately this hasn't been committed yet. Windowmaker 
0.95.8 runs fine here though.


James Geering wrote:
Oh I see; yes of course because following this concept one knows the software
from a third party has been 'ported' to the freeBSD platform using the
various libraries that are synchronised to that port version -- right??

I still have the side-question though, which is why do I not have the* library in my file-system.  When I install it using ports:

   % pkg install libXmu

it installs but the libXmu is nowhere to be found?  I really feel like
I'm missing a conceptual understanding here?

Thank you, James

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