Cannot .configure WindowMaker 0.95.8 - Xmu lib issues

Dale Scott dalescott at
Fri Oct 6 18:36:49 UTC 2017

> You should only build and install software by ports or pkg in FreeBSD. So
> port needs an update.

My first choice for installing an application is _always_ a package,
followed by compiling from source in the ports tree when a specific compile
option not available as a port is required (I compile openldap-server from
the ports tree to configure using BDB which has been deprecated).

However, there will certainly come a time when an application is only
available as a source tarball from the dev project team. There is no
technical reason requiring you to install applications only using packages
or ports, but do expect that software not available as a package or port
will be more trouble to build and install. If the application was created
for Linux, you may need to install and configure the GNU build chain first,
and also expect to encounter problems along the way. Experiment first in a
VM (e.g. create a VM in VirtualBox using a backup of your FreeBSD system or
a distribution ISO), and only work on a critical machine if you have a
backup (and have proven it can be restored!).

Good luck!

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