FreeBSD 11.1 SSD low browser performance

Kenneth Hatteland kennethhatteland at
Mon Nov 20 15:22:31 UTC 2017

I have a problem that annoys me and makes my desktop use painful. I have 
put a rather cheap Kingdian SSD into my box after my HDD seemed slow, 
but it did not enhance performance that much. It is when I use internet 
browsers the problem occurs. The browser works slow, freeze very often 
and video is choppy. It is from time to time impossible to switch 
between tabs, and graphics load painfully slow. When these things occur, 
the hard drive light blinks madly.

When I use the machine with other software it is snappy and responsive. 
Music is flawless etc. So onlly when  I use firefox, Chromium or Iridium.

I have been thinking perhaps something about TRIM should be set up ? Or 
does anyone have other clues what I can do/check ?


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