Intel i219V Gigabit Ethernet Controller support in 11.1

Tony Gouveia tony at
Fri Nov 3 20:50:22 UTC 2017



Having a bit of trouble trying to find out if the intel i219V controller is
supported in 11.1, on the announcement page for 10.4 it says "Support for
the Kaby Lake generation of IntelR i219(4)/ i219(5) devices has been added
to the em(4) driver." But on both the hardware compatibility lists for 10.4
and 11.1 the i219 controller is not listed. Nor is it listed on the em(4)
driver page. I would also like to confirm that intel's kabylake chipset
lineup is all supported as well, namely H110 and H270.


Thank you for the help,


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