VT_ALT_TO_ESC_HACK for sc (syscons)

J.B. non.euc.geo.1854 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 17:44:07 UTC 2017

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE is using vt as the default console driver, and it 
contains a hack which maps an ESC sequence to the Alt key on your 
keyboard. FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE uses sc as the default driver, and the 
Alt keys don't register a keystroke for most cases.

On vt, Alt-b, Alt-f, Alt-Backspace, etc., behave as they do when logged 
in over SSH using a bash shell (with its default emacs bindings): move 
the cursor backwards one word, forwards one word, delete word to the 
right of the cursor, etc.

How can that effect be replicated on sc?

I tried a new keymap using kbdcontrol, but there's no way to map key 
combinations onto the alt-b, alt-f, alt-bs, etc., sequences -- the 
mapfile only allows for single keystrokes.

I know I can set vt as the console driver on 10.3-RELEASE, but the font 
in vt is so ugly I want to gouge other peoples' eyes out to save them 
from the horrors of seeing it. Adjusting the screen resolution only 
helped a tiny bit -- not enough to save peoples' eyes from my angry 
fingers. Tried the sample fonts inside /usr/share/vt/fonts/ already.

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