Toshiba A-205 S5880 laptop compatibility

phnxcs_rep at phnxcs_rep at
Wed Mar 15 21:48:18 UTC 2017


I have an older Toshiba laptop and a (store bought) copy of FreeBSD 3.4
and wonder if these two would play well together. The software is dated
January 2000 and I bought the laptop new in November 2008. 

The Toshiba is running Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2. I had
planned to use Whitecanyon's WipeDrive8 to clean the HD and from my
reading of the book (3rd edition) the four disks came with it seems I
should be able to remove the MBR, repartition, and, format with the
tools that came with FreeBSD. 

Toshiba Satellite A-205 S5880
Intel Pentium Dual 1.86 GHz CPU (T2390)
32 Bit
184 GB HD (NTFS)
etc., stock out of the box for the rest. 

I guess the two questions are: 

1. is the laptop to old for this version of FreeBSD (ver. 3.4)
2. will the O.S. and the Toshiba work well enough together to make it
worth the effort. 

Thank you for your time,

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