PostfixAdmin and System Messages

Robert Schulze rs at
Wed Jun 28 12:44:33 UTC 2017


Am 28.06.2017 um 14:14 schrieb Greg Groth:
> Still no luck, when I change the values, and restart Postfix, it stops
> responding, and my maillog fills up with error messages stating I can't
> declare my domain in the mydestination line and as a virtual domain. 

if you use postfixadmin, you probably have configured your domain with
it, so it is virtual (see virtual_mailbox_domains, virtual_mailbox_maps

You cannot use one domain in a virtual setup AND in mydestination, as
postfix clearly states.

If your host is MX only for one domain (his own), simply don't use
postfixadmin and configure everything as non-virtual.

Also have a look into the documentation:

Robert Schulze

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