Requirement for the subscription of FreeBSD License

Jinattaporn K k_jinattaporn at
Thu Jun 22 04:33:33 UTC 2017

Dear The Authors, Organization or Whom it may concern,


Regarding to the FreeBSD Project module, under BSD License that retained the
copyright you are holding, we are a part of user who are planning to use a
modified object or code for apply the module as open source to our product
including notices the copyright in our distribution. 

We already try to understand the limitation or agreement of the license but
seems some part quite not clear for understanding. So, we would like your
support to provide the explanation following requirement below.;


1.    What is the properly sentence of copyright we need to describe in our

As we have checked in open source webpage (, we saw
many licenses information on "Legal notices" that concerned with the FreeBSD
Project module, we also checked other users previously, they focus on The
FreeBSD copyright and The BSD copyright only. Please help to confirm which
information we should consider.?

Moreover, Do we need to describe all information on License as full
information or only the short sentence such as "Copyright 1992-2017 The
FreeBSD Project. All rights reserved."?


2.    We want to make sure, where we can subscript your copy right.? 

Specify as "in distribution document and/or other materials", for example if
we produce a product, Do we need to subscript your copyright on our
product's display or only in our instruction manual document is sufficient.?

3.    If this license have any special requirement or recommendation, we
pleased to accept your advice.


Sorry if this requirements are troubles you, but we are really want to give
encourage to the holders of copyright and following your limitation

Thank you in advance for your support.





Best Regards,



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