All data in home directory lost after kernel panic

alphachi alphachi at
Wed Jun 14 15:03:53 UTC 2017

Today I upgraded my system to 10.3-STABLE r319937 successfully. It's
installed on UFS with GELI.

When I double-click a VM in virtualbox, the system reboots because of a
kernel panic. After autofsck, the login prompt shows, but the system
reboots again while I input my login imformation and press Enter. I have to
boot single user mode and run fsck manually, then login as root. Everything
is fine, however I suddenly find all data in my home directory disappeared;
that is to say, my home directory is empty.

I think my data still exists on the disk and this is just the problem about
filesystem, because:
1. The total size of my home directory is about 132GB before. When I check
the output of "df -h" now, the value of "Used" is still about 132GB.
2. The operation of user login shouldn't cause a kernel panic, even though
the home directory is empty.
3. "ls -a /home/fbsd" hasn't any output, but normally it should output .
and .. at least.

I try to use recoverdisk(1) to recover a file that I can remember its name.
For example:

# recoverdisk /home/fbsd/.zshrc .zshrc
Bigsize = 1048576, medsize = 32768, minsize = 512
start    size    block-len    state    done    remaining    % done
0    4220    4220    0    4220    0    100.00000

Although I checked this file and confirmed the recovery is successful, I
can't recover all data by this way since it's impossible to remember all
filenames. As far as I know, recoverdisk(1) doesn't support directory
recovery like "recoverdisk <src_dir> <des_dir>". Should I try to use
something like "recoverdisk /dev/<geli_node> <usbmnt_dir>" firstly?

Any idea about this? Thanks!

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