Fwd: Invitation #22807 for the top members of the Z Cash community.

CeDeROM cederom at tlen.pl
Wed Jul 26 08:21:07 UTC 2017

have you seen that? anyone using zcash botcoins? :/

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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From: "Aiden Hamil"
Date: Jul 26, 2017 03:07
Subject: Invitation #22807 for the top members of the Z Cash community.

First, this invitation is not spam, it was hand typed and sent directly to
you based on your activity in the crypto currency community.

This email will if nothing else will be food for the curious. It is either
an enormous hoax with actual functioning prototypes or one of the most
interesting community initiatives in cryptography today. In full
transparency we will show you how we reached you and what the grand
experiment is. Regardless, it is worth the 2 minutes to read it.

*How we found you.*

Nine months ago our algorithm "multivac" began analyzing data feeds for the
top crypto communities, during that time it has traveled 19 million
chats/commits/posts from 970,000 users on forums and in chat rooms. From
this group it went through 33 crypto-currencies selecting the top 4% (based
13 factors & PCA) with a random sample deviation sample of 0.5%. This has
left a final group of 63,310 users of which it has determined you are one
(the top 14.97% of Z Cash).

*The Expert Community Experiment*

This brings us to why we have put all this time into finding you and
assembling this list. The premise is simple, what if we had to start with
only people who were truly skilled and or passionate about innovating the
space? To do this, instead of private pre-sales for the wealthy or
widespread auctions over in seconds the only way you can participate in the
ICO is if you were an active and relatively long time member of an exiting
crypto currency.

Our guess is that the community surrounding the currencies is actually 80%
of the value of the coin. If our community is one of the best we just have
to demonstrate technical skill to match.

*Is that unfair?*

Nope. However, this is a sudo-meritocracy in that if you were a long time
active part of a crypto currency community you received this invite without
bias. The only group we are being purposely unfair to is the day traders
who might spend all their time trading (pumping/dumping) and did nothing in
a community.

The invitation

Finally we have to prove we have the technical skill and idea worth
supporting--we leave the website to that. In closing below is the invite
code, which does two things:

   1. It is required, reusable, and uniquely generated to participate in
   the ICO. It is not associated with a wallet but you will need one to create
   a wallet.
   2. B. It will unlock a private community to discuss the future of the
   coin safe from the trolls that wander the halls of Bitcointalk.org. This
   community "The Prelude" will be made public in Q2 2018 but will start from
   those with the above code.


Continue on the website https://statusrsk.org

PS: Legally we must include this link (blahblah) and address (2637 E
Atlantic Blvd #42207 Pompano Beach, FL 33062.) but they are irrelevant as
you will not hear from us again.

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