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Sun Jul 23 12:24:09 UTC 2017

As I understand it - though I'm no lawyer by any stretch, nor do I speak
for anyone - you as the creator of the software get to choose under what
license you publish it (search eg for "beer license" to see how much
freedom of choice you have).
If you use other open source software and incorporate it into your product,
you may be allowed to charge for the *product* (again, depending on what
license that SW is using), but in most cases you'll have to leave the
license of the sources you used unchanged.


On 23 Jul 2017 1:54 pm, "Anna Hall" <anna at> wrote:

> Hi
> I have read through all your information on your website, but still have a
> question that I am hoping someone can answer for me.
> We currently have open source software with a BSD licence.  The changes we
> want to make are as follows:
> We still want anyone to access, downlaod, change, adapt the software
> however they want.  However, when they want to apply it to a commercial
> setting, then they need to buy a licence from us.  The reason for this is
> that we are putting a lot of man-hours into improving the software.
> Is it possible to maintain our BSD licence, but just include a
> non-commercial clause/ "if you want to use this in a commercial setting,
> please email xxxx for a quote for a licence"
> Thank you
> Kind Regards
> Anna Hall
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