BSD question

Anna Hall anna at
Sun Jul 23 11:54:39 UTC 2017


I have read through all your information on your website, but still have a
question that I am hoping someone can answer for me.

We currently have open source software with a BSD licence.  The changes we
want to make are as follows:

We still want anyone to access, downlaod, change, adapt the software
however they want.  However, when they want to apply it to a commercial
setting, then they need to buy a licence from us.  The reason for this is
that we are putting a lot of man-hours into improving the software.

Is it possible to maintain our BSD licence, but just include a
non-commercial clause/ "if you want to use this in a commercial setting,
please email xxxx for a quote for a licence"

Thank you

Kind Regards

Anna Hall

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