Inter-VLAN routing on CURRENT: any known issues?

Frank Steinborn steinex at
Sun Jul 16 21:14:46 UTC 2017

O. Hartmann <ohartmann at> wrote:
> I have not have any success on this and I must ask now, to not make a fool out of my
> self, whether the concept of having several vlan over one single NIC is possible with
> FreeBSD (12-CURRENT, as of today, r321055.
> Since it is even not possible to "route" from a non-tagged igb1 to a tagged vlan igb1.2
> or igb1.66 (for instance) on the same NIC, I have a faint suspect that I'm doing
> something terribly wrong.
> I think everyone working with vlan should have those problems, but since I can not find
> anything on the list, I must do something wrong - my simple conclusion.
> What is it?

Do you have enabled net.inet.ip.forwarding?

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