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On Thu, 6 Jul 2017, Jack L. wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 12:52 AM, DTD <doug at> wrote:
>> I had a lot of issues with firefox. It turns out that in the current setup I
>> could have just updated the offending package without breaking anything
>> else. I had no confidence in this until I did a from scratch install doing
>> xorg, xdm, firefox and xfce. Done in that order it all works. Since I had
>> nothing invested in the new system I installed libreoffice, gimp and chrome
>> next.
>> Both libreoffice and gimp warn that they will replace some packages and
>> update others. I think firefox should add this to their package. Since all
>> this worked I decided to install libreoffice and gimp on my workstation. The
>> libreoffice install deleted thunderbird and updated firefox, replaced a few
>> packages and updated others. It worked so I installed gimp with similar
>> results. It too worked. At the end of this firefox gave my original sqlite3
>> error. Updating sqlite3 fixed this. Chrome did not work but re-installing
>> fixed that.
>> All that history to explain what I do not understand. In installing chrome I
>> got errors about missing dependencies but it works. Running 'pkg check' on
>> the updated system gives:
>> artemis:/home/doug# pkg check -d  -a
>> Checking all packages: 100%
>> firefox has a missing dependency: libGL
>> libva has a missing dependency: libGL
>> tigervnc has a missing dependency: libGL
>> webkit2-gtk3 has a missing dependency: libGL
>> webkit2-gtk3 has a missing dependency: libEGL
>> webkit2-gtk3 is missing a required shared library:
>> xdriinfo has a missing dependency: libGL
>> xorg-server has a missing dependency: libGL
>> xorg-server has a missing dependency: gbm
>>>>> Missing package dependencies were detected.
>>>>> Found 3 issue(s) in the package database.
>> pkg: No packages available to install matching 'libGL' have been found in
>> the repositories
>>>>> Summary of actions performed:
>> libGL dependency failed to be fixed
>> libEGL dependency failed to be fixed
>> gbm dependency failed to be fixed
>>>>> There are still missing dependencies.
>>>>> Try fixing them manually.
>>>>> Also make sure to check 'pkg updating' for known issues.
>> On the from scratch system 'pkg check' shows no errors. Doing
>> 'pkg info -x libGL' on both systems gives:
>> libGLU-9.0.0_3
>> libglade2-2.6.4_8
>> libgltf-0.0.2_6
>> On the updated system everything works except gnumeric (I have not
>> re-installed) and a note-pad program (xpad) does not highlight selected
>> text. That is the same on both systems.
>> What and how should I fix things manually?
> There's a note in /usr/ports/UPDATING about how to fix this. Search
> for mesa-libs and you should be able to find it.

Thank you. You are exactly correct. 20140416 AFFECTS ... graphics/libGL ...

Difference on the clear and update system are: xorg-server, 1.18.4_1,1 verses 
1.18.4,1. The dependency diffs are

      clean system                updated system
      mesa-libs-17.1.4            gbm-13.0.6
      mesa-dri-17.1.4             dri-13.0.6,2

as both systems function exactly the same, I am going to leave it be. Looking in 
/usr/ports/UPDATING was lost on me.

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