FreeBSD did it again (still)

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Thu Jul 6 13:56:02 UTC 2017

On Thu, July 6, 2017 7:50 am, Heikki Lindholm wrote:
> On 06.07.2017 14:22, Baho Utot wrote:


> Of course, but it's easy to see why that's not happening with a
> constantly evolving system. If you look at any of the bug reports on
> ports, you'll probably notice that most stuff gets tested by the
> reporter and maybe one or two devs who fix the bug - that leaves
> probably around 10000 other configurations untested.
> Sometimes I really don't feel like spending my time on fighting things
> like these. For instance, it took me months just to figure out all the
> boot loader stuff needed to install on an old macpro and asking for help
> yielded basically nothing. After that, fixing many ports to have a
> working Xorg didn't exactly lessen my aggravation. However, it's also a
> matter of choosing the right tools. If something is just too much work,
> maybe there's another one that isn't (Windows, Mac, whatever).

How familiar does this sound! My basic observation is: the more competent
the person is, the more likely he blames his own incompetence if something
goes wrong. And vice versa. We all flee from the OSes that do no suite us
for one reason or another. Like I fled from Linux to FreeBSD. Because
Linux becomes more like MS Windows (Lindoze was the word another Linux
refugee used). Your path is an opposite, good luck then! Don't forget to
thank people here who put tremendous effort into attempt to help you. For
free (what someone already mentioned).

Just my point of view: blame me for what you don't like, not FreeBSD
community which is much better that I am ;-)


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