FreeBSD did it again (still)

Baho Utot baho-utot at
Thu Jul 6 13:14:29 UTC 2017

On 07/06/17 08:45, Stephen Black wrote:
> Not trying to be a smart ass, really, but personally think you may need
> to consider your upgrade strategy. You kind of gloss over the fact
> you're upgrading from 10.1 (which was released sometime in 2014) to
> 11.0-p10, which is fairly recent. That is roughly three years of
> development and changes, in essence, a whole lot of work. You didn't
> mention checking /usr/ports/UPDATING, which certainly would show tons
> of changes, especially for someone building from source. I would
> absolutely expect an upgrade aproached in this way to fail, and would
> be shocked if it "just worked". Sending an email just complaining about
> something that is completely free for you to use helps no one, and
> aggravates people who appreciate all the work that goes into
> maintaining a completely free OS.

Well FYI the upgrade base 10.1 to 11.0-p10 when as expected. Update the 
ports to the current quarterly was a tragic happening.  I have done this 
before upgrade a desktop from 10.3 to 11.0-p0 then to 11.0-p9.  Again 
the ports just did not work as it resulted in a broken desktop each 
time.  I started using the quarterly ports branch thinking I get some 
stablilty.  No stability to be found.  Should I user be able to update 
without going thru a weeks worth of debugging?  I think that is not too 
much to ask.

I have doing this since RedHat 4.0 in the mid 1990's. I know how to 
build software.  When I was using LFS I could go from LFS 5.0 to LFS 6.0 
all the way to LFS &.5 and it always just worked.  I thinking I'll need 
to return to my own scratch built linux system to find some stability I 
am looking for.  FreeBSD not so much.  Maybe OpenBSD will prove to be 

I am not looking to update my system more than I change underwear, so I 
can chase the "Oh I have to have the latest".  I am looking for 

BTW have have you contributed to the thread?

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