Asus x550C Notebook increase brightness key

Stephen Black sjblack.00.01 at
Thu Jul 6 03:50:29 UTC 2017


I am running FreeBSD 11.1-RC1, root on zfs in uefi mode on an Asus
x550C notebook. Intel core i5 IvyBridge, Intel HD graphics. I am
really surprised at how well this version of FreeBSD works with this
notebook. After loading acpi_video, suspend to ram and resume work
without issue. The only problem I have is the brightness increase key
not working, which is Fn+F6. The brightness decrease does work, which
is Fn+F5. Volume keys also work, as well as turning display off, and
display switching. I've tried loading acpi_asus and acpi_asus_wmi,
neither have any effect. I can set the display brightness via sysctl,
and have a small bash function to pass a value to with sudo. I've seen an asus.conf file
in /etc/devd, but there is nothing display related in the file. I have
searched the handbook/manpages/internet for a solution and have yet to
find one. If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.
I've attached dmesg, Xorg log, and output of pciconf -lv
Thank you

Stephen Black
sjblack.00.01 at
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