How to capture console messages during boot?

Sergei Akhmatdinov sakhmatd at
Wed Jan 25 04:45:45 UTC 2017

On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 19:59:01 -0800
David Christensen <dpchrist at> wrote:
> I am attempting to build a graphical workstation using:
> [snip]
> As I add software and adjust configuration settings, invariably I create 
> or encounter issues.  Some of these generate warnings/ errors on the 
> console when the system boots.  I'd like to capture console messages 
> during boot, so that I can review them and fix things.

Assuming I understand the question correctly, you can:
1. Press ScrLk during boot and scroll up-down.
2. Use `dmesg -a`, maybe piped into `less` if you prefer.
   The -a switch should show you the boot process messages, which are normally
3. Check /var/log/

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