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On Thu, January 12, 2017 12:14 pm, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions
> On Wed, January 11, 2017 20:34, Russell L. Carter wrote:
>> On 01/11/17 17:24, Kurt Buff wrote:
>>> Snippety snip...
>>> A secondary MX that refuses mail when the primary is up and running
>>> foils one of the favorite tactics of spammers - they will often
>>> target
>>> the secondary MX because those are often not as up to date with
>>> anti-spam measures. Most spambots try one MX, one time only.
>>> Many spambots will try that secondary MX, get refused with a 4xx
>>> error, and not bother to try the primary MX at all.
>>> It can be a big win, in the right situation.
>> Ah.  Awesome.  How do I do that?
> If you have control over your forward zone DNS then you can simply
> create a bogus MX record with a lower priority (higher number) than
> any of your real MX records.
>  	172800	IN	MX	30
>  	172800	IN	MX	50
>  	172800	IN	MX	70
>  	172800	IN	MX	90
> ;# is not real - no listener at this address.
>   IN      A
> There is nothing listening at on port 25 so the spammer
> generally just goes away.

I have one question and one comment to your suggestion.

Question: why spammers would go to your lower priority MX instead of first
going to your primary MX? Is that because on primary and only on primary
you have greylisting? Why not to have greylisting on all MX serving your
domain then? I'm in darkness about the logic behind doing it.

Comment: Majority of spammers were simple scripts that just spit all onto
your MX, but some time ago (over 5 years ago) many started using real mail
servers, likely someone's poorly set up mail servers to pipe whatever
their script spits out, and that real MX never "just goes away" it will
continue attempts to deliver all that to each of MX records of your domain
for a week. At least that is my observation lately (about them piping
through real mail servers).


> If you wish to get fancy then you can honey-pot the source address
> instead.  The assigned address could be your own or be one of the
> public junk mail submission addresses a la project honeypot.  Just
> make sure to clear this redirection with the intended recipient before
> doing so.
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